Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Glory days… Nicaragua 2012

It seems like we’re finally re-adjusting to life in the States, after having spent two weeks in Nica-Nica-ragua in May.  I’m not entirely sure why the re-entry transition seemed to be so tiring this time around– perhaps traveling with two small children while being pregnant with a third and chaperoning 22 college students on a service learning trip… perhaps having children that woke up around 5 AM daily in Nicaragua… perhaps thinking one day off before returning to work would be sufficient… perhaps coming home to super hot and humid weather… perhaps so many things! 

Regardless, the time was good, and our kids were in their glory! 

Here’s the evidence:

JM Nica 2012 (100)

Seb was fascinated by these worm-like creatures that curl up into a spiral when you try to touch them. 

JM Nica 2012 (108) 

Hard at work with the big shovel! 

JM Nica 2012 (150)

Nap-time: chair hammock style! 

JM Nica 2012 (273)

Getting an early start on political education (note: Sandino on the left; Ortega on the right… for those of you for whom that means anything!).

JM Nica 2012 (277)

End of the day routine – everyone asleep on the bus!

JM Nica 2012 (292)

At the top of Volcan Mombacho, with Las Isletas in the background… Maya’s first visit to a volcano!

JM Nica 2012 (336)

Family shot!

JM Nica 2012 (412)

A whole big pile of sand! 

JM Nica 2012 (436)

A ride on the horse-drawn cart!

JM Nica 2012 (424)

Tuckered out after a long day… Baby and mommy, too!

JM Nica 2012 (470)

Driving the big school bus on his 3rd birthday!

JM Nica 2012 (495)

Birthday cakes – Seb’s choices from the local bakery: Clifford the Big Red Dog and the “blue dog!” :)

JM Nica 2012 (499)

Our team – a fantastic group of college students from Allegheny College!  They were all such a wonderful help with our kids!

Sometimes in the midst of the hot, sweaty, tired, “wish I had a decent mattress and shower” mood, it was all too simple to question whether we had made the right decision in signing up for this trip, but… in the end, we’re so glad we could participate in the experience for the college students and the people of Chacocente (where we served) and that we could give this gift to our children.  We certainly hope that they will have many more opportunities to serve locally and globally on an on-going basis… and of course eat lots of gallo pinto, cuajada, tortillas, crema, etc.! 


Rita and John said...

Kirsten, I didn't realize you're expecting number three! So exciting! Third children are such fun! ;) What an amazing experience for you and Tim and your not-so-little ones. How did Maya get so big? You have such a beautiful family.

Felixa & Dean said...

It seems that you guys had lot's of fun. Awesome pictures!

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