Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It’s been four months since I posted a real post on my blog, people.  Four months!  Granted, I had a baby (and have a 2 year old), we totally remodeled our third floor, adding a bathroom and turning an attic into a great bedroom for the au pair – live-in nanny – we welcomed into our home 2 weeks before I returned to work, we both continue to work full-time plus, the projects at home never end, we’ve taken a couple of weekend excursions, and the weekends we haven’t been out of town, I’ve been working…We always seem to burn the candle at both ends… so blogging has taken a back burner.  Not because that’s what I want or desire, but simply because it’s just how life goes these days.  So now, instead of finishing up my charts, going to bed, sorting through the mail, working on many unfinished tasks for work or cleaning bathrooms, I’m taking a few minutes to post a few pictures of my lovies.  Enjoy!  And I commit to trying to do a better job of posting more, cuz I know you’re pic-hungry for photos of my kiddos!

Sebastian exploring the front yard, fully protected with his gear (May 23, 2011)IMG_8260 Sebastian enjoying a birthday cupcake with Aunt Jill, while little Maya looks on (May 24, 2011) .  How in the world did my lil’ guy arrive at his 2nd birthday?!IMG_8262Sebbie doing cranio-sacral therapy on his daddy, who was having a bad headache day (May 31, 2011)!IMG_8278Maya in the heirloom Johnsen baby basket (June 2, 2011) – having since been passed on to the next Johnsen cuz awaiting a baby (we passed on the basket, not the baby!):  Iphone 009Maya’s 1st day in the Bumbo at 3 1/2 months, just after she started rolling over… (June 22, 2011) – notice fancy photo-editing tool, just another app on my iPhone!: Iphone 057  Summer fun in the pool at Grandma Judy’s house (July 4, 2011):  IMG_8286IMG_8288 Big girl Maya on the play mat (July 4, 2011)! IMG_8291 All for now… there’s so much more to tell – Seb’s 2nd b-day party, our trip to NYC, Maya’s well child checks (and Seb’s as well), the new tricycle, a trip to the Eastern Shore (and to the beach), hiking, and much, much more!  But the clock is ticking and this mama doesn’t like to live by an alarm, but now she has two – Miss Maya and my new iPhone (yes, I made the switch, and I’m in LOVE)! 

XOXO – more later! 

- Kirsten for the JM fam

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Rita and John said...

Hooray for an update with new photos of your beautiful children!

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