Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Maya Dedicated

A blast from the past… Here’s a review from Maya’s dedication, which occurred Sunday, May 15th, 2011, when Maya was about 9 weeks old.  We were so grateful to have many family and friends in attendance for the service, and then several who joined us at our home for refreshments and fellowship afterwards!  Thank you so much to all who walk the journey with us – we are so appreciative of your love and care for us as a family.  We are blessed, and we know our children are too, by your presence in our lives.


We shared a letter that we had written to Maya with our church family:

Dear Maya Hope,

Today we stand before our family, friends & church community to publicly make a commitment to raise you in a way that honors and pleases God. Our love for you is great, and yet we realize that we are only human, and we need God’s helping hand to bring you up in this world. We also recognize that we are abundantly blessed to have the love, support & guidance of many who surround us today. These people are very special, and we want you to know, love & appreciate them as we do.

We're so thankful for you and for the opportunity to be your parents. We know that your life is an opportunity from God and an inspiration to let Christ shine through us by being even more intentional in our pursuit of holiness and the presence of God in our home and in this world. This truly is an occasion to reflect on God’s goodness and to celebrate.

Your birth was strikingly different than your brother’s – thank you! After having a c-section to deliver Sebastian, I desired so much not to have another c-section and was fearful that history may repeat itself. However, you were welcomed into this world without needing surgery. We know that God’s protection was over me while I was in labor, and we are so incredibly thankful for the best labor team around – they were amazing and made all the difference in your arrival!

Maya means “great one.” We have taken the liberty of modifying the meaning of your name, Maya Hope, to “one of great hope.” Your entry into this world represented that for us, and we believe your life will draw others to the One of great hope.

Your big brother loves and adores you. We’re sure he’ll have much to teach you as you grow older. He’s already become an expert in trucks and puzzles. It has been so fun to observe Sebastian’s developing personality – he has such a loving and outgoing spirit. We look forward to watching you blossom into the person God intended you to be as well. We already see your bright and joyful spirit in your smiles and laughs and the sparkle in your eyes.

Again, our hearts swell with love and joy. Our prayer is that we be faithful to the call to rise up and serve as your earthly parents, nurturing you in love and truth, so that you may grow to know of your heavenly Father in a personal and special way, and that you would develop a heart for peace, justice, human rights and service to all of God’s people. We love you Maya Hope!

IMG_8202Some more shots of the special day…folks we love mucho, and who love us too!  IMG_8185IMG_8190IMG_8192

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