Friday, August 19, 2011

The Eastern Shore – Maya meets the ocean

I have been trying to be a bit more intentional about taking time off from work, rather than hoarding all of my vacation time and using it in one lump for a maternity leave.  Whether we have more children in the future or not is irrelevant…I need to take time away from that which consumes me.  While I love my job, my boss said it best… “I’d like a little less of it.”  I have a tendency to work and work and work.  It’s something I struggle with personally, and not something I’m proud of.  Tim has less vacation time than me, and we have somewhat different ideas of what to do on vacation days (travel to a beautiful, restful (warm) place vs. work on the long and never-ending list of house projects/remodeling).  It always seems like so much work to get ready to go away, and packing for overnight trips for two little munchkins involves a spreadsheet to make sure we have all of our bases covered.  However, once we’re away and have the chance to relax, it seems so very worth it.

All that being said, we had an excursion several weeks ago to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to visit with some friends.  We had a great time!  There was no alarm (electronic, that is, cuz there certainly were other things waking us up), no pager, no e-mail, computer, charts… Just a lot of corn fields, the ocean and beach, good food, a heat index in the 130 range, a sprinkler and air conditioning to make that tolerable, good friends, more trucks and cars than Sebastian had ever seen in his life, chickens and a hamster, and crab imperial and ice cream – what more could you want?  Well, I’d take the temperature to be a little more manageable, but otherwise no changes! 

Big dump trucks and a wagon: IMG_8300Maya meets the ocean: IMG_8311Happy girl, Maya:IMG_8364 Sebastian was in his glory – biggest Tonka truck ever! IMG_8307 All four kiddos together, and yes, that’s Maya in the shopping cart!IMG_8359We stopped briefly on our way home for a little more beach time, and we came across a lovely, small and very quiet community called Prime Hook Beach.  We’d love to return some day and stay more than an hour or two!  It reminded us of the Outer Banks, and the whole time we were there, there was only one other mom and her daughter playing on the beach… and lucky for us, they shared their beach toys with Sebbie!

Daddy and Maya have the same hair-do! IMG_8374A lesson in crab anatomy on the beach: IMG_8384Baby’s first feel of ocean sand on her little tootsies :) IMG_8386 Whee!  IMG_8410 Look, Daddy! IMG_8443Pure delight for this little two year old!  IMG_8433Our time away seemed to pass much too fast, but we’re thankful for the moments that allow us to reconnect, to ground ourselves and to enjoy our precious family… til the next time!

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