Sunday, April 24, 2011

To go along with his new red boots…

As the April showers kept coming, I decided it was time for Sebbie to have a raincoat to go along with his new red rain boots.  I picked up this yellow raincoat for the happy munchkin at my favorite consignment shop, Miracles (which, yes, I am addicted to).  IMG_8079Sebastian couldn’t have been more excited!  The raincoat has school buses, trucks, cars and road signs on it.  Rain or no rain, inside or out, he’s thrilled to wear the coat whenever he can!IMG_8076And there he is playing with his current favorite toy – a puzzle called “ready, steady, tow!”  A friend from church gave him this as a big brother gift, and I’m quite certain not a day has gone by when he hasn’t put the puzzle together at least half a dozen times.  Oh, except for the day he lost his puzzle privileges for a day – that was a very sad day in our house! 

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