Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter!   IMG_8089Tim has suggested that if we do any kind of Easter gifts for our children, that they be “resurrected” things.  We started the tradition this year right on track.  As I have grown accustomed to (and more comfortable with) my husband’s tendencies to go trash-digging over the years, I have also become rather fond of consignment shops and sales.  It’s a good blend for the two of us.  I had been saying that I wanted to make Seb a sandbox this year.  I was thinking wood, nails, hammer, etc.  Meanwhile, Tim found this turtle-shaped sandbox in the neighbor’s trash – they were cleaning out their house as they sold it and moved a few weeks ago.  Free!  And no building involved.  ;) I cleaned it up a bit, found the perfect spot in our yard for it, got some sand (that stuff is heavy!), and scored a great dump truck at the consignment shop for $1.00.  IMG_8083While Seb was sleeping yesterday afternoon, we fixed it all up and placed the truck on top of the sandbox lid.  Upon awakening, he looked out of his window and began to exclaim “Truck! Truck!”  When he was informed that the truck was sitting on top of a sandbox, it was pure delight!  He just couldn’t get outside fast enough!  IMG_8090IMG_8096

IMG_8098IMG_8102 Had it not been dinner-time, the Easter surprise would have created hours and hours of playing and fun.  Thank goodness I was serving up Sebastian’s favorite dinner – pizza – which was just enough to convince him to come inside! 

May you rejoice in and celebrate the resurrected Life!  (And celebrate the resurrected toys too!)

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Rita and John said...

What a fun idea to give recycled/resurrected gifts for Easter! And nothing is more fun than a sandbox.

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