Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter!   IMG_8089Tim has suggested that if we do any kind of Easter gifts for our children, that they be “resurrected” things.  We started the tradition this year right on track.  As I have grown accustomed to (and more comfortable with) my husband’s tendencies to go trash-digging over the years, I have also become rather fond of consignment shops and sales.  It’s a good blend for the two of us.  I had been saying that I wanted to make Seb a sandbox this year.  I was thinking wood, nails, hammer, etc.  Meanwhile, Tim found this turtle-shaped sandbox in the neighbor’s trash – they were cleaning out their house as they sold it and moved a few weeks ago.  Free!  And no building involved.  ;) I cleaned it up a bit, found the perfect spot in our yard for it, got some sand (that stuff is heavy!), and scored a great dump truck at the consignment shop for $1.00.  IMG_8083While Seb was sleeping yesterday afternoon, we fixed it all up and placed the truck on top of the sandbox lid.  Upon awakening, he looked out of his window and began to exclaim “Truck! Truck!”  When he was informed that the truck was sitting on top of a sandbox, it was pure delight!  He just couldn’t get outside fast enough!  IMG_8090IMG_8096

IMG_8098IMG_8102 Had it not been dinner-time, the Easter surprise would have created hours and hours of playing and fun.  Thank goodness I was serving up Sebastian’s favorite dinner – pizza – which was just enough to convince him to come inside! 

May you rejoice in and celebrate the resurrected Life!  (And celebrate the resurrected toys too!)

To go along with his new red boots…

As the April showers kept coming, I decided it was time for Sebbie to have a raincoat to go along with his new red rain boots.  I picked up this yellow raincoat for the happy munchkin at my favorite consignment shop, Miracles (which, yes, I am addicted to).  IMG_8079Sebastian couldn’t have been more excited!  The raincoat has school buses, trucks, cars and road signs on it.  Rain or no rain, inside or out, he’s thrilled to wear the coat whenever he can!IMG_8076And there he is playing with his current favorite toy – a puzzle called “ready, steady, tow!”  A friend from church gave him this as a big brother gift, and I’m quite certain not a day has gone by when he hasn’t put the puzzle together at least half a dozen times.  Oh, except for the day he lost his puzzle privileges for a day – that was a very sad day in our house! 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Four weeks with Maya

 Maya at 4 wks

The many faces of our four week old baby girl!  It’s hard to believe she’s actually 7 weeks old today, and these photos were taken 3 weeks ago!  She continues to change and grow each day.  As you can see, she had started to smile responsively by the time she was four weeks old.  She’s a very good baby, and makes her parents quite proud (and EXTREMELY happy!) as she has been sleeping through the night fairly consistently since she as about one week old.  No complaints here!  We waited for Seb to honor us in such a way ‘til he was 9 months old! 

We visited Dr. Donna for her one month well child check, and as is the tradition in the JM household, here’s her photo:

IMG_7960She weighed in at 9 lbs, 7.4 ozs, and her length was 22 1/2 inches.  Growing, growing! 

She’s loved by all… especially her big brother, who always wants to kiss her, hold her, and give her a nuk!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A tree-hugger among us!

Seb tree huggerWe have a son that absolutely adores being outside.  In fact, we often struggle most with his behavior related to him wanting to be outside.  When it’s time to come in, he resists terribly, or if it’s not time to be outside, he often begs to go outside.  Seriously, if this kid would be allowed, he’d be outside all. day. long.  Rain or snow, sleet or hail, hot or cold.  We remember the days when he was an infant and would cry, cry, cry.  Nothing would console him, until Tim stepped over the threshold of the door and took him outside.  It was almost magical (and rather comical) to watch – you’d hear crying, then silence, crying, silence… as Tim was going back and forth between the foyer and the front porch!  Sebastian’s love for the outdoors continues, and he’s ever-so-eager to share his enthusiasm with his baby sister, Maya.   Seb & Daddy hikingHiking SebWe took our first “family of four” hike about 2 weeks ago.  We went to one of my favorite spots – Tucquan Glen.  It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and getting out was good for the body and the soul!  Maya's 1st hikeSeb & Daddy 2We’re happy to have a little guy who is addicted to the outdoors as opposed to TV and video games.  We celebrate his enthusiasm for nature!Seb at Tucquan Glen

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Casting the vision

I had wanted to do a belly cast for this pregnancy, as I had done for Sebastian.  And my dear friend, midwife, professional belly-caster, Jennifer, made it work into her schedule to come for a visit in order to get the belly cast done before the baby came – we did this on February 20th, just a few days before my due date.

For anyone who’s ever considered this, I highly recommend it – not only is it a very neat way to capture your beautiful belly while carrying a child, but it’s also just really cool to experience the plaster on your belly while the little one is moving around, trying to “break the mold,” so to speak!  


It was amazing to me to see how different my belly casts turned out from the two different pregnancies.  Of course they say that the way you carry a pregnancy dictates what gender of baby you’ll have… not sure how much truth there is to that, but it seemed to hold true this time around for me.  ;)

IMG_7591Even though my hubby is always questioning what in the world we’re going to do with these belly casts that are lying around our house, Jennifer and I were able to get him involved and cast his hand into cast #2.  We didn’t take nearly as many pictures (um, if any) of my belly this time around – I guess that’s what happens when you have a very active toddler to chase after and life at home and work is going at a pace faster than you can keep up with!  For that reason, I’m happy to have the cast, and glad to have Tim’s hand in it too!  And someday, I will do something with these things… I have a vision for them, which involves painting them, preserving them, hanging them, etc., but it will just be a matter of time til I make that vision a reality!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Thank you for my red boots

Sebastian recently received a pair of red boots that his Grandma M scored for him.  He is in LOVE with these things; if he had it his way, he would wear them all day long and everywhere…probably even to bed!  Here he shares a special message with his Grandma!  Thank you, Grandma M!  XOXO!

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