Friday, October 22, 2010

Yummm!…Chocolate Chip pancakes

Saturdays are often the perfect time for a family breakfast of high fiber, whole grain pancakes. We start with a recipe in More With Less cookbook (p.74 – Apple Walnut pancakes) and then edit from there. Replace the white flower with spelt, oat bran & wheat germ. Use flaxseed oil for the oil or use 3 T of flax per 1 T of oil if you want extra fiber!

This particular day Kirsten had a hankerin’ for something sweet (not uncommon for the Johnsen Martins). So we added some chocolate chunks. I (daddy Tim) was trying to limit the chocolate in Seb’s pancakes --- b/c of the sugar & messyness---but some leaked thru. That’s why they make bibs :)

Ummmm...chocolate chip pancakes

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