Saturday, October 16, 2010

Visiting West Virginia

We had a fantastic long weekend visit to West Virginia over Labor Day weekend this year.  The weather was perfect, the company fantastic, and overall we had a super time away.  The drive was l-o-n-g, but Sebastian and pregnant mommy both did surprisingly well.  We were welcomed into the home of Cristy and her parents.  Our dear friend Cristy is living in Malawi, serving as the medical director at a large Seventh Day Adventist hospital, and she typically makes it home every summer for about 5-6 weeks of visiting.  She usually makes the trek to Lancaster to see us, but this year she asked if we would visit her parents’ home in WV, and we were thrilled to head south and west.  It was a blessing to get away, to be in a home full of lovin’, en joy the beautiful outdoors, and eat fabulous food! 

Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend…

All of the gang (minus me, the photographer), hiking at a nearby park. 


The happy family of three plus a little extra JM growing inside…


We spent a whole day on the nearby lake, soaking up the Indian Summer sun, water-skiing (except for pregnant mamas and little toddlers)… Timmy picked up fast, after having not skied in probably 20 years. 


Cristy skied with glamour, grace and confidence, just as she completes most tasks:


And Steve was a sportster pro, doing all sorts of fancy tricks!


Sebastian was not so convinced about being in the water…


but he loved driving the big boat, and he took his job very seriously!

Donna and Sebbie bonded well, and she did a great job of shading his pale skin from the sun. 


We had a great time, all smiles!




Many, many thanks to Cristy, Donna and Steve for a lovely weekend in WV!  We’ll be back again… maybe with another little munchkin in tow next time!

Cristy, we love you bunches, miss you and hope you’re well!  One of these days we’ll share adventures in Malawi. 

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