Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh, they taste good!

Our little boy sure likes things sweet. You know those generic Cheerios called ‘Ohs’. He seemed so fine with those until he got a taste of animal crackers. Not sure why they call them crackers since they are really a cookie. But, if Seb is the authority on whether they are a cracker or cookie, we’ll have to go with cracker---he gives the cracker sign every time he wants some. It was the fastest he learned any of the signs—check out this video to see the ASL version… Seb’s is a bit more animated, but still need to catch it on video.

Back to the ‘Ohs’. I found a way to reintroduce them today. Being a stay at home dad this week it is time for some more experimentation. I decided to let him dunk his ‘Ohs’ in his yogurt after he initiated. Maybe he saw daddy dunk some tasty treats in his coffee [That’s right…I am a dunker!]. Sure it was messy and more to clean up. But, he did eat them and look at how much he was enjoying himself.

mmm...yogurt Ohs

This self-feeding thing is messy. Of course, I had to think how anything I do the first few times is equally messy. As an adult I often don’t want to admit that. Though, seeing life through the eyes of a child helps me to offer an extra measure of grace to myself and others. Some extra grace, now we’re talkin’ sweet.

  dunkin' Ohs

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