Saturday, October 16, 2010

Catching up on stats and Sebastian-isms

It’s been forever and a day since I posted the stats for Sebastian’s well child visits.  Fortunately, now that he’s older, they are more spaced out, so I’m not that far behind in number of visits, just the number of months that have gone by.  Sebbie continues to love to visit his Dr. Donna and nurse Acnery (expert shot-giver), and he always does so well! 

This is Mr. Cutie Pie’s 1 year visit, where he weighed 21 lbs, 5 oz.  He apparently wanted to have his eyes checked, because he wouldn’t let go of the eye shield for the visual acuity exam. 


Here’s the 15 month visit, where he checked in at 23 lbs, 12 ozs. 

This time around he wasn’t willing to give up the snack cup, so we might have to calculate a couple of ounces less to account for the goldfish!



I’m beginning to feel like one of those moms who does a fantastic baby book for their 1st child, but all the others lose out on all the details of growth and development, because the daily ins and outs of life get in the way… except that it started happening around the time my 1st baby was just 9 months old!  There’s always the need to balance living life and writing about it, but since I don’t have a baby book, this blog is my record of all things Sebastian.

A few other details about Sebbie:

  • He now has 4 1/2 teeth (he’s slow to grow ‘em, but they say they’re stronger teeth when they come in later?!?).
  • He signs and/or understands about 15-20 words in American Sign Language – we’ll have to get a video up soon of some of his signs.
  • He doesn’t just walk, but rather runs everywhere.
  • One of his favorite things is bath-time, and he sometimes even asks for it when he first wakes up or when it’s the middle of the afternoon.
  • He knows that mommy has a baby in her belly and gives hugs, kisses and gentle touches to the baby.
  • He stopped nursing just before he turned 16 months – this was particularly hard for me, but probably a good thing for both of us, since it allows me to prepare for the next little one, and it allows Sebastian to be used to not nursing in preparation for his little sibling. This was a Sebastian-driven decision, which I suppose made it easier for me, as opposed to feeling like I needed to wean him.
  • His favorite things to play with these days are his Weebles tree house (birthday gift from cousins Isaac and Lauryn), and his Melissa and Doug animal magnets and miniature puzzles.  These have provided hours and hours of entertainment!
  • The sweetest things are his hugs and kisses for mommy, daddy and others, and most endearing is when he sees his cousin, Ryan (4 months older), they always embrace and share nuks!

We continue to count it such a joy and a blessing to parent this little charmer of a guy!  He has definitely begun to have his moments of terrible twos (who said it was OK for this to happen early?… temper tantrums at 16 months, really?!?), but he is still a happy camper for the most part, smiling and waving at all, flirting with the ladies all the time, and making our lives more complete. 

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Catherine and Rob said...

Wow- he is so cute! I love the hair. There's no mistaking who his Mama is- he looks so much like you!

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