Friday, September 10, 2010

Sebastian has an announcement!

Our little tyke is getting not-so-little anymore.  In fact, he’s running around all over the place keeping us on our toes.  He has had a special announcement that he has wanted to share for awhile now, so I finally told him it was OK to spread the news!  Check out his t-shirt, which tells all…

Big Brother Seb

That’s right… Sebastian is going to be a big brother!!!  He expects a special delivery around the end of February or beginning of March. 

We’re very excited to share this news!  I’ve been feeling great (except for being tired), and I’m incredibly thankful for that, because work has been absolutely, overwhelmingly crazy… and I wouldn’t have been able to do “work” had I been sick.  Hallelujah! 

We covet your prayers as I continue to grow this new life inside of me.  Thanks for continuing to walk the journey with us.  Love to all!

And… a poem from Tim, definitely worthy of sharing:

late in the month of Feb
we'll see another Seb
our family will grow this much I know
be it a boy or girl
we'll take either for a whirl
the ride is sure amazin'
even if sometimes hair raisin'
we certainly are not pros
yet our wisdom each day grows
resting on each other and God
our heads bow, wobble and nod


Rita and John said...

Congratulations, Kirsten, Tim, and Sebastian! You are so blessed! We'll keep you all in our prayers!

Dori said...

HOORAY!! Been waiting for the news to get out. :) You already know that we're excited for you! Beautiful pic of Seb, and enjoyed reading Tim's poetic genius.

Catherine and Rob said...

Wow- what great news! Congrats :)

Catherine and Rob said...

Wow- what great news! Congrats :)

RAJ said...

Congratulations!!! I'd been checking like excited you two are great parents, so this will be an added blessing. The pics of Seb are great that is a huge pumpkin. Well, hopefully we will see you all before the New Year, which sounds like you will be Very busy in a very short time..

Renee said...

What great new! Glad to hear that you are feeling well & that things at work are going well too. Sebastian is going to make a wonderful big brother!!

Cara said...

Congratulations to all three of you!!! What exciting news. Best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy! (You can see I'm a bit behind on keeping up with the blog)

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