Sunday, August 29, 2010

Visits with cousins and animals

Isaac & Lauryn came to visit Grandma Judy & Papa Roy for a whole week this summer.  This was the first time that Lauryn came along – Isaac was kind enough to share his grandparents with his sister.  They had a week full of activities with their grandparents, and they patiently waited for a chance to see their favorite cousin, Sebastian!  They got to go to a petting zoo, which they enjoyed, and Sebastian (of course) was totally fascinated by the animals.  He couldn’t get close enough! 

Despite my mixed feelings about petting zoos in general, it was great fun to watch the kids be so joy-filled as the animals took food right from their hands.  The one thing that nearly drove me bonkers, though, was that a family showed up with a huge bag of cereal that they were feeding to the animals… instead of the animal feed that was available for 25 cents at the farm.  Ugh!  I guess they had some difficulty reading and understanding the signage.  I feel sorry for them, but more so for the animals (even though the animals didn’t seem to mind the different flavors).

Here’s some shots of the kiddos enjoying their day:

IMG_6988 IMG_6990


IMG_6997The best part of it all is that Sebastian pretty much thinks every animal makes a doggy sound, so he barks at almost all the animals he sees… ruff! ruff!  Every now and then we get a moo out of him, too.  Sweet, sweet boy.  :)

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