Saturday, June 26, 2010

Seb’s 1st Birthday Party!

After a wonderful two weeks in Nicaragua we returned home with a day to finish planning and preparing for Seb’s big 1st birthday party.  We are so grateful for super family and friends that pulled together to help us pull it off…especially since I was still in the midst of Monteczuma’s Revenge! 

We gathered at the Pavilion at my parents’ church; it was a gorgeous day and we had lots of activities for everyone to enjoy and no one went hungry. 

Although the birthday boy was a bit uncertain about birthday cake in Nicaragua, by the time he had his second chance, he was convinced it was a good thing.  This is what he started with (mommy snuck in a blueberry muffin and decorated it with frosting and sprinkles):


which turned into this…


which turned into this…


and then this….


and finally this…


Our little tyke is getting to be such a big boy!  Thanks to all for sharing in our special day for Sebastian.  We were so glad to celebrate with our dear family and friends! 

I hope to post a slide show or photo album soon to give you a glimpse of many of the happy faces at the party. 

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Rita and John said...

Happy birthday, Sebastian! I think he looks more and more like his mommy.

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