Thursday, April 8, 2010

Times two!

These first two teeth seemed to take forever!  I mean forever.


But now they’re here, and the calm has returned… at least for a little while.  And we’ve learned a lot about empathizing with other parents (and babies) who are teething. 

I snapped these shots on March 30, 2010, which seemed to be the first day I could really see both teeth fully broken through the gums and actually looking like teeth. 


Some days were rather trying to say the least…our little guy didn’t seem like himself. He was more irritable than usual.  He all of a sudden became clingy.  He would scream during feedings.  Yes, even our smiley, laughing baby would scream.  And Scream. Plus naptime and bedtime became huge battles.  What used to take a few minutes to get him to bed was taking what felt like hours.  Thank goodness for Humphreys and Motrin!

He now seems to be pretty much back to his normal, cheery self, minus the napping and bedtime routine.  That’s where sleep training comes in… which is what we’re in the midst of now.  This probably makes my friend, Rachel, a bit happy inside (it’s OK to admit it), because she has always envied Sebastian’s good sleeping habits compared to her little boys! Part of me wonders if she told him to act up like this in one of their private conversations they’ve had recently!  Sebastian sure won’t tell.  He’s great at keeping secrets!  So, Rach…Was it you?!

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Rachel said...

i swear, not me! i think it's fantastic that you have a (usually) good sleeper. wish i could've ordered one myself :) and i'm sorry again for the boarding question. sigh. at least the steri-strip worked :)

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