Thursday, April 22, 2010

La Gran Manzana!

Sebastian had his first trip to the Big Apple, NYC, last weekend.  He did marvelously well.  I’m sure it helps that we spent time with great friends, “Tia” Jennifer and “Tio” Seth, who love & adore him and are just so great to be with.  We had a fabulous time checking out the sites, hanging with our dear friends, eating fantastic food, and quadruple parenting Seb for the weekend.  It’s super special to be able to spend time with friends who are invested in not only our lives, but also the life of our baby, and care for him as if he were their own.  Sea Bass (as they call Sebastian) had a wonderful time, misses you guys tons, and says “thanks and I love you!”

Here’s my peeps on the Highline, a very cool walkway of sorts, created on old elevated train tracks.  See how they’re all loving on my baby?!  What a warm fuzzy vibe they emit. 

IMG_5185No pun intended on the cool bit… it was incredibly windy!

IMG_5190Believe it or not, I was there too!  Although, I was the least appropriately dressed.  Short sleeves and open shoes without socks – ummm, not okay. 

IMG_5183I love this picture of Seth and Sebastian!  Sea Bass has just learned to give kisses in the past week or so, and he was giving Seth a smooch, which I managed to catch on film.  So, so sweet!

IMG_5158Bath time in NYC is so much fun! Sebbie got to take a bath two nights in a row in S & J’s brand new kitchen sink (in their brand new kitchen), while Chef Seth was prepping dinner right beside him.  Farmer sinks are great for giving baby baths!


IMG_5211He (we) experienced all sorts of new things, including diaper changes on the bench in Central Park.  Note to travelers heading to Central Park – there are no baby changing stations in the bathrooms (at least the ones we were in) – but the bench seemed to work just fine. 

IMG_5229 Of course there was time for crawling in Central Park, too! 

And even a little time for family photos…


and some mommy and daddy smoochin’ time.  Sebbie didn’t seem to mind – he’s too preoccupied with Jennifer’s sunglasses. 

Sea Bass was fascinated by Seth & Jennifer’s attempts at Super Man stunts…I think they’re practicing for a special routine for a special event! :) And I don’t imagine it will be too far off before Seb is trying some stunts on his own!

IMG_5291 IMG_5298

Our little guy still got his naptime in while we were in NYC (hooray!).  He was pretty tuckered out by all the excitement going on, and took naps each day in the Ergo Baby Carrier – which we were borrowing, thanks to Rachel.  We were doing a trial of Ergo baby wearing before we take the plunge and make the purchase for our upcoming trip to Nicaragua.  Sebastian was quite content! 

IMG_5152So there you have it!  A flurry of activity… with lots of other exciting and special things going on!  We even got in a visit with Linda and Lenny, some surrogate grandparents who live in NYC (previously in Lancaster), who met us for brunch on Sunday. 

We often comment on how much work it seems to take to get us ready to get out the door and go away somewhere.  But once we’re on our way and THERE, it all seems so very worth it

Good times. 


Renee said...

Friends that are involved in your kiddos are truly blessings from God! Glad you all had a wonderful time & the photos are GREAT!

Seth James and Jennifer Gwen said...

We loved having you (Timmy, Kirsten and Sea Bass) visit us ... if the smiling faces don't say it enough. You are welcome back anytime! There is so much that we didn't have the time (or umbrellas) to do. Love you three mucho XOXOXO

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