Thursday, April 8, 2010

The first of many…

That’s what I’m told at least. 

That this will be the first of many:


Sebastian took a dive right into the corner of a wooden box/activity center and gashed his eyebrow open.  Talk about an ache in a mother’s heart!  That’s what hit me after my immediate first aid responder reaction, which involved gathering him up in my arms, rushing him to the sink to clean out the wound, then holding pressure while nursing til he stopped screaming.  After several minutes, his wound was still oozing, and my objective doctor brain turned off and my mommy brain and emotions kicked in.  And then came the ache.  I decided I should run down to the clinic to have one of my partners look at him. 


So one of my dear doctor friends (or better said, dear friends who happens to be a doctor), Rachel, came to the rescue.  She was initially talking about putting Dermabond on his wound, which is a glorified version of super glue.  It’s made for skin and holds things together nicely so you can avoid stitches.  Rachel’s words to me were: “so, do you want to hold him or should I board him?”  What!! Board my baby?  No way, I said…!  But then we decided that a steri-strip would be just fine.  So Doctor Rachel did just that.  And there was no boarding involved.  Thank goodness. Sure, I do it to other kids (strap them down on a board for procedures), but not my own baby!

IMG_4995 She did a darn good job, that Rachel.  And she was kind, tender-hearted and compassionate as she did it (no strapping Sebastian down on a board or anything).  She even kissed little Seb when it was all over.

This booboo happened about 3 weeks ago, and the wound has healed very nicely.  There’s a faint little scar, which you can hardly see unless you’re looking for it.  Hopefully over time, it will fade altogether.  Especially if this really is the first of many.  Geesh. 


Crystal said...

Moses had one like that before...learned the hard way to always close the drawers in the kitchen!!! come take a look at todays post on my blog...should make you feel a little better. :)

Rita and John said...

That looks particularly bad. We have bumps and scratches by the score with Louis. We've had freshly skinned knees almost every day this week! I think it will be like this for what...another 20-25 years? ;)

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