Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 2010

It feels like forever since I’ve written any entries on our blog.  Life has carried on at a super fast pace, and blogging just couldn’t be a priority… however, I’ve got lots of catching up to do, so hope to be able to fill in some of the gaps. 

IMG_5052I’ll start with Easter.  The weather couldn’t have been any better.  It was gorgeous.  We started our day with breakfast at the house, followed by church, where we were able to join together in fellowship and support for our niece, who was baptized.  It brought back vivid memories for me, as I recalled being baptized myself some 25 years prior on Easter Sunday.  What a special way to celebrate our risen Lord and Savior! 

We then came home to enjoy brunch.  It was our first day off the Maker’s Diet, so technically we could have eaten whatever we wanted.  We hemmed and hawed about the possibility of going out to eat somewhere, but in the end decided to come home for brunch.  Funny, though… we ate only things which are acceptable on the Maker’s Diet.  We had scrumptious omelets and Ezekiel bread toast. 

In the afternoon, we headed out to Tim’s parents’ house for our family gathering.  Most folks went to the nearby park to hit some balls, but I stayed back at the house, because Sebastian had chosen to save his nap-time for the car ride.  We didn’t want to take him out of the car seat for fear he’d wake up – he desperately needed a nap – so we rolled down the windows and let him nap with me close by in hearing distance.  It wasn’t until two hours later that he decided to join the party.  I wasn’t complaining at all, though, because he napped well and I got the chance to sit in the warm sun and just relax… which seemed long overdue.


Tim’s family has a tradition of doing an Easter egg hunt with all the kids, so Sebbie got his first shot at finding some eggs.  He had a little help from his uncle and parents, but he did a good job! 

IMG_5089 IMG_5105 I know I shouldn’t boast, but seriously… how cute are these two? IMG_5130Sebastian is spoiled to have many cousins nearby to play with and grow up with.  He continues to be a very social baby… and he loves to be up on his daddy’s shoulders, with or without a friend!  These guys are going to have so much fun together! 

IMG_5136 IMG_5148A good day was had by all… and in the end, we did have some non-Maker’s Diet foods, such as peanut butter eggs, pie and ice cream.  We were trying to enter back in slowly, for fear that our bodies might not tolerate such a shock to the system so well.  But it was oh. so. tasty. to have that cold creamy friend sliding down my throat!  And at the first bite of a dark chocolate peanut butter egg, I said to Tim, “the Lord has risen.”  And his response was “He has risen indeed!”  

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