Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yesterday and Today

This was yesterday: 


This is today:

IMG_4880What a difference 24 hours makes!  Not to mention a bus, two planes, a car, nearly 3000 miles of land and three time zones…

A rude awakening!  We were on the beach frolicking yesterday – you can almost feel the sun warming Tim’s face in the picture above – and today we’re home and surrounded by snow.  Lots and lots of snow.  Tim & my dad have been at it trying to shovel us out for hours.  All in all, I think they got about 36 inches in the past week here.  And now they’re calling for another 6-12 on Monday.  Seriously?!?  Take me back to California, where today it’s 72 degrees!

1 comment:

Nate and Jenny Hoover said...

Um, Tim looks a little less enthused in picture #2. Do you guys need more help?

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