Friday, February 12, 2010

The joys of Califa

We’ve been having a great time in Califa… just chillin' with the cousins, working on a few house projects here and there, and enjoying the things of California.  All good things come to an end, so soon we’ll be on our way back to the land of blizzards, where we’ll have to figure out how to get about 5 feet of snow out of our driveway to be able to park once more in the garage! 

In the meantime, here are a few highlights of our stay so far…

My cousins have several citrus trees in their back yard, so we’ve had fresh-squeezed orange juice every morning while we’re here. 


We spent some quality time outside working in the front yard – cleaning out weeds, laying landscaping material, and mulching.  We had three very good helpers, too!

IMG_4532 Sebastian had his first trolley ride, which he loved.  You can hop on the trolley and ride through downtown Santa Barbara for just a quarter.  It’s a great, inexpensive treat for little kids! 


Our little guy loves being here and is fascinated by his boy cousins.  They keep him very entertained and VERY happy.  He doesn’t want to miss a beat when they’re around, and he can’t keep his eyes off of them!  It’s been fun to watch them all interact, even though they’re at different stages in their young, short lives. 

IMG_4534 Don’t those smiles just make you so cheerful inside?!? 


Rita and John said...

SO jealous of your weather there! Luckily it is sunny today and the thaw has begun. Maybe you won't have as much to shovel when you return!

Tim Johnsen Martin said...

All good things must come to an end sometime. I can here the piles of snow calling my shovel!

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