Friday, January 15, 2010

The final gift


We stretched Sebastian’s Christmas gifts over several weeks, so as to not overwhelm him… and he finally opened one of the most exciting gifts – the final gift. IMG_4469

My cousin’s wife, Crystal, had agreed to make a quilt to match Seb’s nursery, and then she made several pillows to match as well. My plan is that these will be used in a corner in his room where he’ll play and read. Perhaps someday when he’s older, they’ll actually adorn a big-boy bed that he may have!


We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what she came up with! It’s great! And everything matches perfectly! I had chosen a variety of fabrics for her to use, and she went to town. IMG_4477

She used the remnants of the curtains from his room to do some of the accent circles and eventually that same fabric will be the backing on his quilt. We’re having Tim’s best friend’s mother do the actual quilting for us – this will be something very special and sentimental for Tim.


Thank you, Crystal! We love the goods, and know that Sebastian will treasure them for years and years to come. It’s so wonderful to have them made by family, too! That makes it all just that much more special and fantastic!


Stay tuned for a future post when the quilt is 100% done, and the nursery is all put together…. Now go on over to Crystal’s shop and find yourself some goodies! You’ll be pleasantly surprised. :)

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