Sunday, January 24, 2010

8 months!


Hard to believe, but true!  Little Seb is 8 months old today!  Incredible!  I’m still trying to figure out where the time has gone. 

For his eight month birthday, we got him passport photos… in preparation for his first international trip!  We’ll be heading to the motherland - Nicaragua - in the Spring.  This is also where we went on our babymoon, and where the inspiration for Sebastian’s name came from, so it will be a special trip.

Today was also the day that Sebastian used his stroller for the first time as a full-blown stroller, instead of just the car seat attached to the stroller base.  Surprise, surprise!  We still love our Quinny, and Sebastian loves it too.  He enjoyed sitting up like a big boy (doesn’t he just look so big?!) and smiling at all the folks around.  He’s already such a flirt! 

We’re working on baby-proofing the house these days – or at least thinking about.  I got one gate from a friend, and I’m going to go shopping for some more for our babysitters.  We’ll need to check out our house from Sebastian’s level VERY soon… I can tell already that there are lots of wonderful goodies staring him in the eyes when he’s on the floor!  He’s not crawling forward yet, but getting up on all fours, rocking back and forth and scooting backwards.  And man, can he go when he’s pushing himself backwards across our hardwood floors!  It’s fun to watch, but also hard to watch him grow up and change so fast! 

The biggest stressor of the day was spending almost 2 hours in a panic, not able to find Sebastian’s birth certificate or social security card… both of which I needed not only for his passport application, but also to get him on the plane to visit my wonderful cousins in California – a trip coming up very, very soon.  But we sorted through piles and piles, took some deep breaths, paused to pray about it, and then rejoiced when they showed up right where they should have – in the folder I had intentionally placed them in (for safe keeping – ha!) many months ago.  Now they’re headed straight for the safe as soon as I’m done with them.  Phew!

So there you have it.  Eight months old and counting.  Counting oh, so fast!



Renee said...

Wow, eights months already. He is looking so healthy & big. Have fun baby proofing the house ;)

Catherine and Rob said...

Yay...8 months! So fun! He is so cute.

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