Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vote for the cutest lil' pumpkin!

So, I don't consider myself the type of mom that would enter my kid in all sorts of contests, but this photo makes me super happy, and I can't resist giving Sebastian a chance to be the cutest kid around!  Besides, this is not a contest that involves being the next Gap baby or on the front cover of a magazine... it's just plain being cute...and I might win something like a nasal aspirator (woo hoo!!!) or a car seat from Safety 1st.  See - good, wholesome stuff for a cute, cute baby. 

From now until November 19, you can vote daily for my entry in the Safety 1st "Too Cute to Spook!" Halloween Photo Contest. If one of my photos earns the most votes in its category, I win a grand-prize package!

Click here to view my submissions and vote for my photo.  Unless the layout changes, Sebastian should be the first picture in the second row.  Vote, vote, vote!  If you bookmark the page, you can easily find it to vote everyday til the 19th. 

Please spread the word by forwarding this information to family and friends so they can vote, too! Thanks so much.


Crystal said...

to help you out:


Texas Gal said...

Came here from Crystal's site - what a cute little man! Voted!

SarahRachel said...

I VOTED (here from Crystal's page). And I think your baby is kicking butt in the contest! =) SO CUTE!

.jimaie.marie. said...

SUCH a doll!
I came here from Crystal's site and voted!

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