Friday, November 27, 2009

Just another family pic…and some vacation thoughts…


Portrait Family (4)

Mostly I just wanted to try posting through Windows Live Writer instead of directly on blogger… but I thought it would be a good opportunity to share another photo!  (Don’t worry, there will probably be more to come.)

And to mention a thing or two about our vacation… It is so, so, so nice to live without alarm clocks and just relax and BE.  Sebastian’s routine is a little off, but all in all, he’s doing quite well considering the circumstances.  He’s sleeping in a different environment, eating new foods, surrounded by lots of people (12 others in our house and 11 in the house down the street), and taking it all in pretty gracefully.  We’ve had two nights of struggling sleeping patterns (fortunately not consecutively), but we’re thankful for a relatively chill and easily adaptable baby. 

Just to emphasize the flexible nature of our baby, here’s a snapshot of bath-time last night… The kitchen sink was occupied, so we used our bathroom sink.  Sebastian seemed to enjoy it just the same!  :)


Our time is quickly coming to an end.  Sigh… My “list of things to do” while on vacation still has lots of items on it!  I realize that vacation is a time to relax, but at the same time, the fullness of our everyday lives prevents us from crossing off some of the things on our list in a timely fashion.  So, off we go to be a little productive while relaxing! 

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