Monday, November 16, 2009

For the first time

Sebastian got a taste of something other than good ol' mother's milk. His smart daddy thought to grab my BlackBerry to capture this moment on video. He's still not entirely convinced, but we're getting there, poco a poco.  Mostly, he just wants to chew on his spoon or grab it like a big boy.  We're already convinced that he's going to want to feed himself sooner rather than later.

I was anxious to try some rice cereal with him, because he seemed to be very interested in watching Tim & me while we're eating these days. He doesn't want to miss a beat, and he's been grabbing for everything in sight. But, at the same time I felt a little bit guilty, because he's two weeks shy of the six month mark...which is the new-ish recommended time to wait for any type of solids.
My doctor mommy guilt was kicking in..., til the next day when I saw an 8 week old for a well child check, whose mother told me she started rice cereal a couple of weeks ago (insert YIKES here) and her son just LOVES it...and she did it because her mom told her to... you know, he'd sleep better! And that was right before she told me that she always puts him on his belly to sleep, because he LOVES to sleep on his belly and sleeps so well that way! Ugh... sigh... wiped away any feeling of guilt I was having pretty darn quick. And guess what - my word over her mom's? Not a stinkin' chance. Sigh... (again).
And yes, I did tell her that she was giving me chest pain.

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