Sunday, November 15, 2009

a double take...!

That's what everyone keeps telling me they're doing when they see me - they have to do a double take, cuz they don't recognize me.  Why?!?  Well, four days ago, I went to get a haircut (something I hadn't done since June!!!), and came home with about a foot less of hair and what felt like 10 pounds less weight on my body!  I did it!  I chopped my hair!  I still have a hard time believing it.  I haven't had hair this short in probably about 18 years!  But I like it. And it feels good. 

I took some photos with my phone to document the big ordeal. 

Here it is... all braided and ready to be shipped off to Locks of Love

A view from the back.

And a view from the front.  My hair is still kinda damp in this picture. 

Another shot, the day after, when I washed my hair myself (still working on the appropriate amount of shampoo and conditioner) and actually let it dry before taking the picture.

And the side view...!

People ask me why I did it.  I don't have a great reason, except that I felt like it, I was tired of losing so much hair, a little bit of mommyhood kicked in, it was a bit of an impulse decision, and I felt good about donating my hair for a good cause. 
I have to admit, I was a little worried about the reaction from my two boys.  Tim was the ever-perfect husband, who greeted me when I walked in the door by pausing the meeting he was leading, standing up, kissing and hugging me and telling me how great it looked.  And Sebastian slobbered all over me, just like usual - his way of showing his love, and never seemed to be phased.  My fears that he wouldn't recognize his mama were completely unwarranted.  Silly me. 

Once people figure out who the mystery woman is, they are generally very complementary - cute, smart, sharp, sexy, academic, fun, love it, etc!  I threw them for an even bigger loop by wearing my glasses all week, because I think I have a corneal abrasion that I'm trying to let heal.  Short hair and glasses! 

Anyways, If you're thinking about a change in your "look," go ahead and do it.  Chop it off for Locks of Love!  It might take a little getting used to, but it's worth it, and you'll be glad you did.  Just like me.


Dori said...

Kirsten - LOVE the new do!!!

Rita and John said...

You look terrific!

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