Friday, October 9, 2009

Just a few thoughts... plus the anti-spitting diet

A random thought: I was taking a walk with Sebastian today through Franklin & Marshall College's campus, when we passed a student, who said - out loud, to himself, I presume - "why am I walking so fast?" Then he slowed down a bit. Hmmm... Makes you wonder, was he trying to smell the roses a bit? I know I sure walked fast back in the day when I was at F&M... there was always so much studying to do!

A hooray thought: Today, por fin, the number on the scale matches the number the day I had a positive pregnancy test. Hooray! The first 30 pounds shed so quickly, but those last three seemed to take forever! I'm sure my addiction to ice cream doesn't help. Sigh. Interesting, however, that despite the numbers being the same, my figure is not so much the same. That child-bearing thing really does transform you, in many, many ways!

And the anti-spitting diet: Speaking of ice cream, I'm a bit saddened to say that I'm going to try to go a week without it, or any other dairy product for that matter. Sebastian is a spitter. A huge spitter. At least he's a happy spitter and not colicky. But he's a fountain that overfloweth constantly. Pretty much the only time he's not spitting up is when he's sleeping. I've told many people that I think he'd probably weight 30 pounds if he didn't spit up. He spits and smiles or laughs. He usually doesn't seem to have signs of reflux, so I'm not convinced that he needs medicine. He's gaining weight well, and isn't fussy for the most part. But nonetheless, I'm on a mission to see if he'll stop spitting (or at least cut down significantly) if I avoid dairy products. I started today, and have already realized how incredibly challenging this might be. I could NEVER be vegan. For breakfast, I had toast with peanut butter and jam and a cup of tea with honey. Not bad. Lunch was a bowl of soup from Trader Joes... I thought it was safe cuz it was tomato and roasted red pepper soup... but I thought I'd read the ingredients - after I had already eaten the soup - only to find the first ingredient was MILK! Then for dinner we went to Spryo Gyro - YUM - and I ordered the Vegetarian Delight, which came with a salad that had feta cheese on top AND in the dressing, not to mention the cheese in the spanakopita! From there we went to Rachel's Creperie for dessert...Tim, our nephew Angel, and I ordered a couple of things to share. I thought a Nutella crepe was safe - til I got home and looked at the label - yep, contains skimmed milk and whey. We also ordered a fresh fruit crepe, and it was smothered with whipped cream. Both were wonderfully delicious, but definitely not dairy free. We shared a smoothie, too, made with frozen yogurt... and I got a decaf coffee, which I drank sans cream. Note: despite the Norwegian blood that runs through my veins, I much prefer to have cafe con leche. So there you have it - my first day of a dairy free diet. I didn't have yogurt, cheese, straight-up milk, cream or ice cream. And I survived. So far.

My mom has always told me that I spit all over the place til I was a year old, so perhaps this is my payback. Like mother, like son? We'll see if any change in the spitting pattern comes out of my efforts at a changed diet. If I recall correctly, my SIL had to cut out dairy products when my niece was a baby, but I can't remember exactly why. And my friend, Steph, had a spitting baby who's just about 3 months younger than Sebastian, but she gave up milk and Baby Kiki stopped spitting so much (but she was fussy with more reflux symptoms). I honestly can't even remember how long Sebastian has been spitting. I'm not sure if it's been going on since day one, or if it started later... but this is my one week trial. We're sure thankful for hardwood floors and leather furniture around here. And even if the milk-free diet doesn't change things, he HAS to grow out of this at some point... at least by the time he's going on his first date (she said hopefully)... which will be when he's about 30 or so, by the way (if he's anything like his father) :).

Wish me well, and pray that I survive the week without ice cream. While I was pregnant, I used the excuse that I needed extra calcium and protein... and now I claim that I'm a nursing mama, and I need the extra calcium and protein (not to mention sugar, fat, etc.). I think deep down, I'm fearful that it might actually work - this milk-free diet thing - and that would mean some sad days ahead for me, but if it made a difference in my little baby's spitting habits, I'd commit to it. Anything for my baby...and the hopes of less laundry!


Rita and John said...

Good luck, Kirsten! I'm not sure I could survive without dairy, but you certainly have great motivation! :)

Catherine and Rob said...

Oh I sympathize! I did this with Isabel and now am trying it on and off with Gracie. Unfortunately, I have heard that it can take weeks for dairy to completely get out of your system. I must admit that I have not been all too consistent(it is VERY hard to find food that is completely dairy free). And the ice cream (sigh)...

Tim Johnsen Martin said...

it is amazing the sacrifices parents will make for their children!!!

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