Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We gotta get a video camera!

So I had put Sebastian down on his playmate, and decided to let him have some tummy time. I turned around for just a moment, heard a 'thump' and turned back around to find him on his back! My little boy rolled over! All by himself! And I missed it... sigh...
Then I put him on his belly again, and he did again! So his mama got to see it. :) That equals happy mama. And then he did it again. And again. And again! All the while laughing and squealing and having a blast! Boy, do I wish I had a video camera right now. Umph.
It was one of those milestones that I feared he was going to do while at one of his sitters' homes. But he did it here first and for me. And even if he had done it before, they didn't tell me about it...a sign of a good babysitter. ;) So I believe it happened here first. And oh my goodness, he just did it again while I'm typing this! He he he! Tickles me pink. Watch me smile and giggle and beam with joy.
Our little boy isn't so little anymore! If only we had a video camera... you all could see it too!
Hooray for happy babies and happy mommies!
Gosh, I love this little munchkin and could eat him alive!
Now if only Tim could get home to see this wonderful sight!

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Rita and John said...

It's definitely time for the video camera! :)

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