Sunday, September 20, 2009

our happy baby

We've been very busy lately. That's not really anything new for us, but we're starting to recognize how it affects our little tender baby. All in all, he's done incredibly well with the hectic schedule, and we can't complain - he's such a good baby! But, we've noticed that he's waking up a little more at night, last week he had a couple of fussy days after a very busy weekend with two weddings, hundreds of people and loud music, and he's all of a sudden decided that the car is not his favorite place to be. It all just makes me want to eat more ice cream...which is OK, right? I'm still a lactating woman who needs extra calcium and protein. What better source than ice cream?!?

Anyways, we're still trying to figure out the juggling act of baby, work, eating, sleeping, doing laundry, keeping the house somewhat tidy and in order, lots of renovations, and all of our other commitments. Many people have told me that the juggling act continues 'til the kids are in college! Seems like we've got a long road ahead of us!

I know I've said this before, but I continue to be amazed at how much my heart swells for something (someone) so small. God has so richly blessed us with a wonderful, handsome (see pictures below), healthy, generally happy and easy-going baby, and it's easy to overlook that and forget it in the midst of what seems like such a busy life... We are so, so thankful!

And, if you'd like to hire our baby as your next baby model, let us know... we're not interested in exploiting him and his good looks, but it's not a bad idea to start a college fund, right? Yes, of course, I recognize how ridiculous my biased opinion of my gorgeous baby might be, but every good mother has the right to boast a little, no?


Renee said...

Found your blog from FB, nursery post. Great nursery btw.

Once you become a mom, you have the RIGHT to boast AS OFTEN AND ANY TIME YOU WANT!! It's in the fine print of the "mommy contract!" lol ;-D

Love the family photo, and Sebastian is beautiful!!

Crystal said...

he IS cute! those blue eyes just do it. :)

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