Tuesday, September 8, 2009

four generations

We had a special day yesterday! Sebastian got to meet his one and only great grandparent - Great Grandpa Martin. It was the annual chicken bbq for the Martin family, and we also were celebrating Great Grandpa's 90th birthday, which is later this week.

We were able to get a picture of 4 generations at the bbq - Seb, Tim, Harold and Great Grandpa.
What a treat to capture moments such as these! There are 25 years between Tim's Grandpa and his dad, as well as between Tim's dad and Tim... but then the trend changed quite a bit with this most recent generation! Someone had to shake things up a bit, right? Sebastian was a very chill and happy baby like usual, and he allowed his Great Grandpa to hold him for quite some time. Take a peek!

There were three other 3 month old babies at the bbq, but we all agreed that Sebastian was by far the biggest... well, at least the longest! He just doesn't stop growing!

And I experienced something new for the first time - candy dropping from an airplane. I guess this is a tradition - an airplane pilot was hired to fly over the field next to the church/school where the bbq was held and drop buckets-full of candy from the sky. What a sight to see! Children scrambled to scoop up as much candy as they could. I guess it's Lancaster County's version of a pinata, of sorts...just without the stick and the pinata! :) Sebastian's cousin, Gabe, was kind enough to share some Milk Duds with Seb... but mommy and daddy had to try them out to make sure they were OK. We decided he should stick to breast milk for now - it seems to be doing the trick!

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