Friday, September 18, 2009

At long last... the nursery!

It's been a long time coming and a labor of true love (note: hand painted circles on the walls and stripes that were done to near perfection)... but the nursery is finally finished! Well, almost, that is... We still have to finish the closet, replace the two windows, and install the radiator, as well as a few final touches, but it's looking schnazzzy if you ask me! Sebastian's mattress just arrived yesterday, so we gave him his first go-around in the crib for a nap this morning. He seemed quite content... and quite honestly, if I had his mattress, I'd be quite happy too! It seems wonderfully divine... and healthy, too!
The beautiful rug is 100% wool from Ikea... and ties things together oh, so well. I still have some pictures of children from around the world that are framed and just need to be hung - we hope that Sebastian learns to have a heart for the nations by our modeling, but also through the simple reminders that will adorn his walls. Plus I plan to do something with my belly cast - likely paint it in matching colors and hang it in the corner above his changing table.
All in all, we're quite happy with the room, and sure hope that Seb learns to love it just as much as we do!
Bit by bit we're crossing things off the remodeling to-do list, and that sure feels good! Stay tuned for an upcoming post that shows off our gorgeously, freshly painted house! Ahhh! So nice!


Rita and John said...

It's beautiful! I especially love the rug! :)

Nate and Jenny Hoover said...

I love this room! You guys did a great job on it!

It was so great to see you guys last week and your generosity was a blessing and surprise! The food was delicious as well. It'll be fun watching these guys grow up! But you better watch out, our little chunk might catch up to Seb soon! :)

Marvin said...

Can hardly wait to check it out! If you're not careful, uncle Marv may end up taking a nap on that schnazzy/comfy mattress!

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