Friday, September 25, 2009

4 months!

It's so hard to believe that Sebastian was 4 months old yesterday! Everyone tells you to cherish the moments when they're so itty bitty, because they go by so fast... and well, it's just plain true. Every Friday I make rounds in the newborn nursery at the hospital, and I get to examine these teeny, tiny munchkins with their wrinkly skin, always sleeping, snuggled up, so peaceful and precious... today there was one that was only 4 pounds, 6 ounces! And every week, I'm amazed that my little baby is another week older. Time really does seem to be slipping away! Nonetheless, Sebastian continues to be such a joy and cutie pie. And I'm the super-enamored mama, who has to always post pictures of my baby boy. But I know you all love to see them too, so here they are!

We're having Sebastian's dedication this Sunday at church. It will be a great time of commitment and celebration, and we're thrilled to have lots of family and friends that will join with us in the memorable event!

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Rita and John said...

Happy four-month birthday to Sebastian! How time must fly when you have a beautiful baby boy to play with! :)

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