Saturday, August 22, 2009

Someone else put Sebastian to bed!

Tim & I had our first late night out last weekend to go to a "ball," and that meant babysitters for Sebastian. He's stayed with friends and family before (especially after this week of me going back to work), but I've always nursed him to sleep and put him to bed. This was a big step for us; Seb got a bottle from his loving "Uncle Marvin and Nanny Dori," and they put him down to sleep. And he slept. And he slept. Just like normal...'til his dawn wake-up time for an early breakfast. Nope - he didn't awaken when he sensed we were home and were in the bed right next to his hammock. Not even when I got the pump out and took the opportunity to build up some stock and improve my comfort level! It was a good learning experience for all of us. And I only texted Marvin once to find out how our little boy was doing! ;)
Anyways, the ball was a really cool idea. Laura & Terry Schanz held a ball to celebrate their 50th birthdays, and they donated all of the proceeds from the ball, a silent auction and a live auction to the Mix at Arbor Place, which is a faith-based youth center for inner-city kids in Southeastern Lancaster City... which happens to be the same neighborhood where I work serving the underserved. They ended up raising over $30,000! Sweet! It was such a great idea, that I'd love to do it myself at some point. I guess we'll have to start planning the benefit for Tim's 50th birthday, but at least we have a decade to do it! But which organization would we give to? There are so many worthy causes to choose from... which makes it a really good thing that we have 10 years to figure it out! :)

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