Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's in a name?

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."


Kirsten, Sebastian & Tim

J 0 h n s e n M a r t i n

This is our first series of family pictures officially all sharing the same last name! Tim & I have finally changed our last names to match that of our son's and to represent the union of our marriage and our families... as we approach our two year anniversary in just about two weeks!
So what's in a name, anyways? Before we were married (and for the past two years), we entertained a variety of options for our surnames: both keep our own names, both change to Tim's last name, both change to the same, joint last name, or come up with a whole new surname altogether (how about johntin or martinsen?!?). We planned to change our names since we were married, but never "got around to it..." Then we had a baby! And we felt it was important to: a. make a final decision about the name change thing, and b. all share the same last name. Thus, Sebastian was a little bit ahead of the game... he's had our last name since he was born - now over 7 weeks. But now we all have the same last name, according to the Social Security office - it's official and legal and all that other good stuff.
And it feels good. Really good. We're excited to be united in this way! We both loved the names that our parents chose for us - first, middle and last - they have significant meaning for us. And now we love each other and our baby boy, and we still love both of our families. We desired to share both of "us" in our new family name. We didn't get married fresh out of college; instead we had years of experiences, training, careers - all of which continued to define us for many years until we became one. We are excited about combining both of our names to change the definition from the two of us to one...and to now share that with our son as our family grows.
The tasks that lie ahead include changing our licenses (both to drive and to practice medicine ;)), bank accounts, credit cards, passports, and everything else that has our names attached to it! It seems a bit daunting, but so very worth it - to make the change complete once and for all. I'm sure we'll still get all variety of combinations and titles in the mail, as we have since we were first married, but now at least Uncle Sam knows what to call us!
So, what's in a name? A whole lot of love, family, history...and a whole lot of future and great stuff to come!

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