Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sleeping beauties

author: Tim

Years ago it would have been hard to imagine doing a load of diapers before 7am on a Saturday morning. But, as most people say, a baby changes everything.

As new parents know, you do things in shifts. Kirsten, being the one with the food, took the night shift. Which was great for me b/c my muscles were still aching from the remodeling frenzy. That's right...we are still at it. Of course, we did take a 5 week hiatus to adjust to little Seb. But, his fussiness the last few days can only be his desire to see his room completed. So, yesterday Roy & Judy joined us for a day of painting. While there is more to go it certainly makes a difference when you get some paint on the walls. This is the unfinished plan of having a few stripes where we taped off.
Oh...and the closet wallpaper won't live to see another 4th!

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