Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Caught in the act!

It's been so much fun to watch Sebastian grow, develop and change. He's becoming such a big boy! I've definitely seen a substantial increase in his alert time - he's not the constantly sleeping baby that he had been for his first month of life - even though my family and friends don't believe me; they still think all he does is sleep!
He's absurdly cute, especially when he smiles, laughs and coos. Friends had told me those smiles would just totally melt my heart and wipe away the tiredness and frustrations of having a newborn, and quite frankly, they're right. He just steals a bigger chunk of my heart everyday with his precious smiles and what's becoming his personality.
During his alert time - when he's content - I try to give him some tummy time as well as play mat time with his giraffe. He's just started to get into grabbing things, and I caught him in the act of reaching for the giraffe suspended from the arch of his play mat. He's been grabbing other things too - like my hair (ouch) and other parts of mommy's body (even bigger ouch!). That will have to stop!
I don't like to think about returning to work sometimes (the countdown has begun), because I feel like I'll miss so much of little Seb's life... I already feel like there are times I simply blink my eyes, and in that instant, he's grown up just a little bit more! I'm thrilled that his grandmas and his aunt will be helping to care for him while I'm at work - Sebastian will have so much fun and love as he grows up. Call me crazy, but I'm starting to think we might need to invest in a video camera for the diaper bag! Shhh... don't tell his daddy I said that! ;)

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