Monday, June 22, 2009

We finally did it!

And it felt sooo good! Today was an amazing day! I now measure successes very differently than I previously did - pre-baby, that is... Sebastian and I took our first walk all by ourselves! It may have taken us until 3:45 pm to get out the door, but we did it! I put the little munchkin in the Baby Bjorn and off we went. He was calm and quiet the whole time. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! And, I got to see some adults and have some big people conversations along the way. Hooray for people who are at home during the day on a gorgeous Monday in June and that live within walking distance! Thanks Phil & Jen for the adult conversation. :) Funny how I used to get tired of talking to big people all day long at work... and now I understand why so many people crave it when they're at home with the kids all day. I was getting cabin fever for sure with the incredible amount of rain we've been having, and today's outing was just the medicine I needed.

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Catherine and Rob said...

Good Job! I remember how amazing it felt to do such simple things like go to the store and for a walk for the first time with Isabel! Glad you got some adult conversation in too! You look great- hope you're feeling well :)

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