Thursday, June 25, 2009

One month...

Where does the time go?!? Our little boy is already one month old - as of yesterday - and he's not so little anymore... Sebastian had his one month well child check today, and he weighed in at an impressive 10 lbs 2.9 oz! His length was 22 3/4 inches (88th percentile). Tim had guessed he'd be 10 lbs and 23 inches, so I guess he wasn't that far off! I can't believe how quickly these babes grow.

In other news, he's started to have more alert time, which is great as long as it's not crying time ;), and he's started smiling in the past couple of days - like real smiles, not the gas-passing ones! Those precious little smiles make all the tired, frustrated moments just melt away in an instant. Sebastian continues to be the cutest thing in the whole wide world. What mother wouldn't think so (or any other person, for that matter)?

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