Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

When we first got married, Tim casually mentioned that it would be nice to reach the milestone of having our first child before he turned 40. We all know that God's timing is perfect, and He was totally in control of planning the conception, pregnancy, and birth date of our beautiful baby boy. But I believe he's a pretty groovy God, having allowed us to birth our first son just 17 days before Tim's 40th birthday - right on time!
So this year, Tim got the best birthday gift ever - a little early - but right on time! Sebastian has filled our lives with tremendous joy. As I watch Tim father him, love him, swaddle him, talk to him, read to him, care for him, change his messy diapers, calm him, hold him, kiss him... I grow more in love with the man I married each second of each new day. Tim has had a heart for caring for the fatherless for many years - a gift that God placed upon his heart and equipped him for...just one of the many reasons I fell in love with him from the start. And now, he also has the opportunity to care for his own son, which is a holy and beautiful thing to witness.

Today we celebrate Daddy Tim's big day and we celebrate Tim! We love you and give thanks for you! Now come home soon, so we can get some partying done! :)

P.S. We got started with the partying a little early last night at Tim's parent's house, where we enjoyed great family time, a delicious meal (many thanks to Sylvia, Jill & Harold), and lots of fun - even with sparklers!

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