Thursday, June 11, 2009

For Rachel... on parenting and Mr. Rogers

My friend, Rachel, recently posted a list on her blog of her favorite things that "have made parenting much easier, more fun, or just cooler." I'm just getting started at this parenting thing, but a few of the things on her list are already very much a part of our repertoire - cloth diapers, for example (love bumgenius), and the hotsling (which I'm still working on getting the groove of, but was a fantastic gift from Rachel herself).

We haven't read The Sleepeasy Solution book yet, but as of now, I'm hoping we won't need to - since we have an 18 day old who sleeps from 6-8 (yes, EIGHT) hours a night as of late (don't hate me, Rachel!). If that changes, we'll be sure to ask to borrow your copy!

As for the other things, we'll have to transition into them over time, like the wagon, the glider rocker, construction equipment, etc. Before we know it, I'm sure our little boy will be wanting his own dump truck!

Coffee is still decaf at this point - we'll see how long that lasts, but I'm eternally grateful for Counter Culture Coffee that sells a great decaf blend, 17 de Septiembre - que rico! I'm going on 15 months with no java and still surviving!

We'll be sure to tune into to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood if we ever have the TV on for Sebastian, as the Neighborhood has always been near and dear to our hearts! Again, Rachel, this is not intended to make you jealous! :) But I have to admit, it's pretty darn cool when the Neighborhood actually comes to your own house! And no, I didn't photoshop him into the picture... ;)

Ever since I met Rachel and her husband, Peter, over five years ago, I've always really admired their parenting skills and felt that there was much to glean from them. They have great kids, and their patience, kindness and love has paid off! Thanks for your example, guys. :)

And now, it's definitely time to change a diaper... bumgenius, here we come!

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Rachel said...

thanks kirsten :) i hope to live up to that! some days i'm more patient than others....and SO COOL about mr. rogers. peter met him once, too, and wow. yeah.

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