Friday, June 19, 2009

Ahhh... a sleeping baby

Finally! Sebastian has been sleeping peacefully for about the past hour now. Thank goodness! I normally have a pretty easy baby, and we can't complain - he's not colicky, and his crying spells usually are short-lived. However, the past several days, he's been more fussy than normal. We're definitely at that stage of heightened irritability that occurs between 3-4 weeks of life. It makes us thankful that we don't have it that bad - we've heard the stories of other parents with newborns who never sleep - they're completely exhausted, can't see straight, at their wit's end, etc. We are fortunate!

But, for some reason this morning, Sebastian must have believed that he needed to nurse - ALL morning long! This mama needed a break, and finally it came. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sebastian, for letting up a little on your mama.

The sight of a sleeping baby is too delicious to not capture in a photo... especially after a very long morning. We all needed a little break ;).
Uh oh! I may have spoken (written) too soon! I hear whimpering from the other side of the room... sigh. It doesn't change how precious he is, though!

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Alison said...

he is just too beautiful!

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