Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sebastian Roy has arrived!

Sebastian Roy
May 24, 2009 10:19am
7 lbs 15ozs 21 inches
[posted by Tim]

Waiting past the due date was challenging. Each day brought new questions and uncertainties -- surely this must be the day. Then, as the day was ending and our bodies were weary from the day's activities we would wonder, "if our little one decided to be born tonite would we have the energy to go thru the laboring process."

Then, that day arrived. A day we had hoped for, yet not as we had planned.
After much deliberation and under the counsel of our medical providers we began the induction journey at 8am. A path that would lead, eventually, to the OR. Thankfully at 8am we did not know that, for God knew we needed to take this one step at at time. Each of those stages involved some mourning of the things we had lost (to labor without inducing meds, to use alternative methods to cope with the pain instead of an epidural, to avoid a C-section).

As each contraction ended it seemed we'd not have energy to do another. But, then it'd come and somehow we pushed on. Like many things in life, it is good God gives us limited insight into the future. Instead of relying on our own strength and insight we trust our Father to provide for each moment.

There are many sayings out there that speak of the need for community;
it takes a village to raise a child...
no man is an island unto himself...

What a privilege to be blessed with a top notch laboring team.
Dr Donna
Jennifer (via phone while she was out on the west coast)
They and the many workers at Women & Babies Hospital treated us like royalty and at the same time friends. To have the wealth of medical knowledge and yet tremendous mutual respect in the unique situation each decision presented was amazing---the fullness of wisdom and humility working in harmony.

On this side of things we are incredibly thankful. As proud parents we already have more pictures than you can imagine. I will only post a few more right now. Check out Kirsten's Facebook page for more in the near future. For those without Facebook (like me) we'll add a slideshow on the blog.

Tim (for all three of us...)


Rita said...

Welcome, Sebastian! Congratulations to Kirsten and Tim on your beautiful son! You must be so proud of your little boy! We can't wait to see more photos--and to meet him in person. It must have been difficult to let go of some of your hopes for the birthing process. What an amazing story of how you came to embrace God's plan for you and your son. We send lots of prayers for Kirsten's recovery and for your whole family as you enjoy this time together.
Love, Rita and John

Seth James and Jennifer Gwen said...

Can't wait to meet this love! He is so handsome and looks so peaceful - just like his amazing parents. Kisses to all, especially momma baby and papa!

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