Monday, May 4, 2009

It's a ...!

Only 7 days to go til the due date, folks! Of course, we all know that this babe will come when it's good and ready, but officially can't really be in there for more than three weeks from now - all of which is scary and exciting at the same time. I've had a few contractions here and there, and I'm doing all the stuff that I recommend to my own patients to keep them from going way beyond their due date, but still no baby.
I certainly can't complain at this point, however. I had some significant swelling last week, after walking over 7 miles in one weekend, that forced me to wear flip-flops to work (which patients thought was great, but I'm not so sure about the OSHA folks' opinions about it). That's gotten much better now (back to regular shoes), and my biggest woe is that it's super difficult to roll over in bed. But otherwise, my energy and my spirits are still good, I am still working full time and surviving, I don't have killer back pain (like most preggers at this point), and I managed to wear 3 inch heels to a gala on Saturday night and dance the "Electric Slide" without any difficulty. Still holding on to this baby, though!
Last night we met with some friends, who shared with us that for a long time she (the pregnant-at-the-time mommy) had been trying to plan out the day their first baby would come - like when it would be convenient for her - but then she started to feel convicted about that. She finally realized that she needed to tell the baby that he could come anytime when he felt ready to enter the world. She "released" him to come on his terms and not on hers... and he came that night! God and the baby both knew what the right timing was! Those friends prayed with us last night, which was an encouragement and also brought me a great deal of peace about what's to come. But just in case Baby Johnsen Martin is listening right now, "you, too, are released to come when you're ready!" We know you won't mind coming home to a house that's in the midst of many, many remodelling projects, and you surely won't remember it much either.
Our friends also prayed that my labor would be quick, healthy, without complications and that I (we) would have courage, energy and stamina. May God hear their (our) prayers!
I also think I might have found out the gender of our baby today! The mother of my doctor's nurse has never wrongly guessed what gender baby was being carried inside a beautiful pregnant belly - NEVER! This same woman works at my clinic in the evenings. I hardly ever see her, because I'm not usually at the clinic at night. The nurse had taken a couple of pictures of my belly when I was at my prenatal appointment on Friday in order to show her mom. She was going to let me know the verdict today via e-mail, but I never got the e-mail. I happened to be at the clinic later than usual today, so I ran into the said expert guesser and asked her if she had seen pictures of my belly over the weekend. She said that she hadn't seen her daughter this past weekend, so didn't see the photos. So, I said, "well, what do you think?" And she said, with a voice of authority and hardly a pause, "it's a ...!" I asked if she was certain, and she nodded yes. I turned to the side, to give her a different view, and her answer remained very clearly the same. This all happened in front of one of the receptionists, who very much disagreed with her assessment, but nonetheless, the guessing lady stuck to her guns and would not be moved or shaken! When I came home to tell Tim, he reminded me that it's still a guess, and she has a 50/50 chance, but so far her track record is pretty darn good. So we'll see...! I can't really tell you all, because that would ruin the surprise. So, you'll just have to wait... like the rest of us!

Any of you have your own guesses?

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