Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yeah, baby!

I took the morning off from work today - one, because I needed a break, and two, because my friend, Jennifer, came from NYC to spend the morning with me and do my belly cast! The belly cast was the first gift we received - from cousins Duane and Audrey - and I've held out til now to be able to cast away my belly at near to maximum size.

This was so much fun! The little bean inside of me was wondering, I'm sure, why there was so much restriction to his or her movements... and it was wild to feel the baby move while I was bound by plaster!
It was Jennifer's idea to add a "necklace" to the cast, so we used a pregnant momma bead that my socia, Rachel, had given me awhile back. Jennifer also has ideas to cast in Timmy's hand later...! Eventually, we'll paint this beautiful creation and use it in some way, shape or form to decorate the forthcoming nursery.

38 weeks, 1 day, and counting... :)

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