Saturday, April 25, 2009

The first load!

I just got done hanging the first load of baby laundry outside - where it's about 80 degrees and gorgeous! It certainly was odd, yet exciting, to drape such tiny articles of clothing over the drying rack. I can't believe that soon we'll have a baby that will fit into such things! I was feeling like I should do something motherly to start getting ready, so this was a first step...

Many thanks to my cousin-in-law, Crystal, who totally hooked us up with newborn and 0-3 months clothes, because everything that we've received so far has been larger stuff, except for one outfit and one pack of t-shirts. Everything we've received is totally adorable, but just plain big(ish). My anxieties about having a naked baby have been completely calmed down by Crystal's generosity. Although, I'm sure naked babies are super cute!

Next task - starting to pre-wash the cloth diapers... the instructions say that to get them to maximum absorbency prior to using them, they should be washed 5-7 times. Yowsers! I might need to quit my job! :)

It's been a good couple of days - yesterday I had a prenatal massage, which was heavenly. I'm not sure why I haven't done that much, much sooner! And today we walked the Race Against Racism, a 5K walk, plus the 1 mile walk each way there and back. We're about to head out to a wedding in a few minutes. I'm hoping that I won't steal the bride's thunder by having my water break or something in the middle of the ceremony!

The adventures continue... :)

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