Thursday, March 19, 2009

Projects...making progress!

We're knee-deep in remodelling and projects around here... not to mention knee deep in plaster dust! Oh, the joys of an old house with plaster walls and ceilings!
Tim has been working hard on all sorts of things - hanging dry wall, patching walls, making holes in walls to upgrade electric and add hard-wired smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, painting, building closets, etc. His brother, our general contractor :), has also been doing lots of stuff around the house. We're making lots of progress, but I'm learning that things must get worse before they're better!
I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow for a week, and leaving my hubby behind - this will be our longest time apart since we got married (sigh...) - but it sounds like when I get home things will look different! He's hoping to get our master bedroom painted, and the fixtures for our new downstairs bathroom just arrived today, so perhaps that might be nearly finished too. We ordered a Toto Aquia II dual flush toilet - yeah! - which has yet to arrive, but almost everything else is here so far and looks great! Our GC will be here next week to get some more stuff done in the bathroom and elsewhere. And just in case there's time, I picked out paint colors for the upstairs hallway too! Never hurts to plan ahead.

I'm guessing the furniture for the nursery might arrive while I'm gone as well, but we'll have to find a temporary place to store it til we move on to getting the nursery ready.

Fun times!

Check out the pictures of all our holes, dry wall, project progress, etc.! Some day they'll be history!

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