Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Scrubs for the next 6 months!

I think I might be wearing scrubs for the next 6 months! Fortunately I work in a field where that's probably acceptable. I had my first excursion to Motherhood Maternity today... my friend Cherilyn had warned me about the experience. And she was right on target! She compared it to going to a bridal boutique or a car dealership. I went specifically JUST to get a tummy sleeve, and maybe a long-sleeved black t-shirt. But I was accosted immediately by the sales clerk upon entering the store. I found the tummy sleeve pretty quickly, and thought I'd browse for a few moments. I was asked on more than one occasion if I needed anything, and the clerk made sure to maintain constant small talk with me and point out several new pieces that are "great, and so comfortable!" I found the black t-shirt, but then she told me that if I got two or more, they'd only be $9.99 each... enjoying a good deal, I said OK and made my way to the register (now with two t-shirts and the tummy sleeve), not willing to spend more time (or money) there today. It sure was hard to resist all the shirts that said "Baby, bambino, bebe" on them, or "Baby makes the world go 'round," or simply "Baby" with an arrow pointing down to the belly. I somehow managed to get out of there without one of each! That's just for you, Rachel! :)
The real kicker occurred when I got to the register - did I want to take advantage of US Weekly for $1/wk, did I want to give them my e-mail address to get updates, coupons, etc., did I want to sign up for the "perks" plan, which would give me over $400 in savings and samples like Similac and Huggies (, thanks!), did I want to sign up for a college savings plan for my baby???!?! Not to mention a request for my name, address, phone number, due date, etc. the end of it all, I was given a "free gift," which included a bunch of coupons, some lotion samples, and a free bottle to reduce colic. Eeeek! Can't one just go shopping in peace? Maybe we should send our husbands, mothers or mothers-in-law - the non-pregnant folks - to see if their experience would be any different.
Do I have to go back again? I did ask for a gift certificate from Motherhood Maternity on my Christmas list, but maybe I should only shop online. At the end of it all, I decided that I needed a little treat, so went straight to the coffee shop and had a decaf gingerbread latte. Hmmm...yum! Great for a cold, blistery evening.
So, with the combination of my shopping experience which I'd rather not repeat, and the fact that I'm convinced that maternity pants are never gonna fit me (a bit of drama coming through!), I think I'm going to wear scrubs for the rest of my pregnancy. And now I have two long-sleeved t-shirts to go with my scrubs. Problem solved! At least for now...

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