Monday, August 4, 2008

An anniversary getaway to the Poconos!

Our lives are busy - busy enough that Tim and I both forgot that it was our anniversary this year! And not just any anniversary, but our first anniversary. I was on call the weekend before our anniversary, we planned a meeting at our house the night of our anniversary, and I was on call the Friday after our anniversary. Eek! We were able to laugh off our forgetfulness (chalking it up to wedded bliss), feeling like every day is like our anniversary.
So, even though it was a bit of a challange to get everything coordinated, we were bound and determined to get out of town and do something fun, just the two of us, to celebrate our 1st anniversary. We packed up the camping gear (leaving only a few important things behind, like the sleeping mats and the camping coffee percolator), put our bikes on the bike rack, and headed to the Poconos. It took us forever to get there on Saturday, because we kept stopping about every 15-20 minutes to check on the bikes, since it seemed that our bike rack wasn't holding them quite tight enough - and after all that trouble, we ended up never riding them while were on the trip! We arrived to Hickory Run State Park, where we set up camp. It's a large State Park with lots of things to see and do. We had a little rain (but not enough to ruin our time), some great food cooked on the grill, wonderful camp fires, a trip to a boulder field, some noisy camping neighbors heading out to the races at 4 am, and a little excursion down the Lehigh Gorge on whitewater rafts on Sunday.
I thought a rafting trip in the Poconos would be somewhat reminiscent of our honeymoon, whitewater rafting in Costa Rica, but we quickly learned that we were a far way away from the class 4+ rapids of the Pacuare River. First, we arrived to this huge operation with people scattered everywhere, then we went to get our life vests. When I asked where our helmets were (coming from the experience of nearly losing my husband on day three of our marriage in the middle of a ginormous rapid in Costa Rica), we were told that we wouldn't need them; only the folks who traveled alone in kayaks used them. Huh? No helmets? Then we got paired up with a family from eastern Europe, who said they had done this before. They all wanted to be in charge, at the same time, and didn't have the commands down to guide the team of rowers. Previously, I had only rafted with a professional guide in each boat. This outfitter had four "guides" on kayaks corraling the herds of rafters - there were probably 40 or more rafts in our group. Again, a very different experience from rafting in Central America. After running into several rocks and losing two of our fellow rafters to the river, Tim finally took the guide's seat in our boat, and the rest of the ride was smooth sailing. All in all, we had a fun time, had nice weather, and got out on the water. We had several things to laugh about during the day, and we dreamed of being back in Costa Rica, at our favorite honeymoon spot.
It was a short, but much needed, getaway, and we came home with sore bodies, but refreshed minds and spirits. One year down, and a gazillion more to go.

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