Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Tim!

Today I celebrate Timothy Dean Martin - my husband! What a wonderful man God has blessed me with! Tim showers me with love, caring and service.
  • He's a man of God, who has a servant's heart.
  • He is faithful and incredibly dedicated to the people he loves and the things he holds dear.
  • He puts others first, even when he's fatigued or suffering.
  • He listens - really listens.
  • He loves children, and they love him.
  • He is patient and kind.
  • He knocks down walls and puts new ones up again.
  • He doesn't take any medicine (that's good and bad for a doctor's husband :))
  • He prays the most sincere and earnest prayers; he prays for the people of the world and the people we encounter in our daily walks.
  • He asks for cleaning supplies for his birthday - warms my heart.
  • He walks to church and car pools to work.
  • He has taught me the beauty of composting.
  • He refinishes hardwood floors and he redesigns closets.
  • He has a heart for missions and cultures of the world.
  • He supports my jewelry business and always lends a helping hand.
  • He loves ginger brew!
  • He sometimes starts laughing uncontrollably when he's lying in bed and overly exhausted - the smallest thing (that may not seem so funny under less tired circumstances) sets him off.
  • He reads reviews about most things before purchasing them.
  • He uses spreadsheets.
  • He introduced me to g-mail!
  • He's expanded my family and my circle of friends.
  • He is my life long partner and my best friend. I love sharing life with him. I love you, Timothy!

Happy birthday, my love.

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Make Us Holy's Blog said...

What a lovely way to honour your husband, Kirsten. I met your husband a few years ago when he was working with the Discipleship Center in Harrisburg, PA. I was a speaker (from Canada)and he was on staff.

My wife Gayle and I just celebrated our 30th anniversary and a part of that journey has been being able to boast about each other. Way to go - boast on! you are on the right path!

Gareth J Goossen
Make Us Holy

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