Monday, June 30, 2008

My first successful bread making!

I've been dying to make bread from scratch for the longest time... first, I had multiple unsuccessful attempts, and ended up with unleavened bread (or at least it seemed), only to find out that most likely my yeast was a bad batch. Then, it was a question of getting the perfect pan to bake it in. I finally got a wonderful pyrex dish that's lovely for bread making, got some fresh-off-the-shelf yeast, and went to town yesterday. I was bound and determined to make a good loaf of bread, with lots of love and lots of flavor. Of course, I chose a steamy, hot summer day to crank up the oven and go to town kneading bread.
Baking bread is a LABOR of LOVE... especially when you're supposed to knead, then wait til it rises, then punch, knead and wait again - all sorts of waiting and muscle work! Tim took several pictures of me in action to prove that it was for real! We ended up with a big loaf of yummy oatmeal wheat bread (from More with Less, one of the best cookbooks ever published) that we took as part of our picnic dinner (note: bread still warm... so good!) at the concert in the park. Hooray! Can't wait to try more bread recipes and buff up my muscles.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Tim!

Today I celebrate Timothy Dean Martin - my husband! What a wonderful man God has blessed me with! Tim showers me with love, caring and service.
  • He's a man of God, who has a servant's heart.
  • He is faithful and incredibly dedicated to the people he loves and the things he holds dear.
  • He puts others first, even when he's fatigued or suffering.
  • He listens - really listens.
  • He loves children, and they love him.
  • He is patient and kind.
  • He knocks down walls and puts new ones up again.
  • He doesn't take any medicine (that's good and bad for a doctor's husband :))
  • He prays the most sincere and earnest prayers; he prays for the people of the world and the people we encounter in our daily walks.
  • He asks for cleaning supplies for his birthday - warms my heart.
  • He walks to church and car pools to work.
  • He has taught me the beauty of composting.
  • He refinishes hardwood floors and he redesigns closets.
  • He has a heart for missions and cultures of the world.
  • He supports my jewelry business and always lends a helping hand.
  • He loves ginger brew!
  • He sometimes starts laughing uncontrollably when he's lying in bed and overly exhausted - the smallest thing (that may not seem so funny under less tired circumstances) sets him off.
  • He reads reviews about most things before purchasing them.
  • He uses spreadsheets.
  • He introduced me to g-mail!
  • He's expanded my family and my circle of friends.
  • He is my life long partner and my best friend. I love sharing life with him. I love you, Timothy!

Happy birthday, my love.

Duane & Audrey's Wedding - Slideshow

Pics from our Vacation - Slideshow

Vacation photos...better late than never!

We had a wonderful time on vacation along the central coast of California. Life picked up immediately, with its normal, very busy pace, as soon as we were home. We're happy to share our photos with you. Here are some of my favorites, with a slide show to follow in the next post!
My beautiful niece!

Tim & me at the wharf in Santa Barbara.

Our favorite artist/architect at the Italian Street Art Festival at the Santa Barbara Mission.

My nephew digging for dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History in Santa Barbara.

Tim & me at the bluff along the Pacific Ocean, where we camped at El Capitan State Park, north of Santa Barbara.

The refreshing pools along the river in Los Padres National Forest, where we camped and hiked.

My super swell cousin, Duane, who's happy as a clam, with his new, lovely bride, Audrey. Congratulations! We love you both! Welcome to the family, Audrey.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

PEACE for Memorial Day

Vacation was fabulous! Photos will be posted soon... but I wanted to start with a little glimpse of a Memorial Day Message we found on the beach in Santa Barbara - an exhibit set up by Veterans for Peace.

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